Cobra XRS-9730 12-Band Radar/Laser Detector

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Cobra XRS-9730 12-Band Radar/Laser Detector
Price: $199.99   

Product Description

Cobra 12 Band High Performance Digital Radar/Laser Detector with Digiview, 8 Point Electronic Compass, Voice Alert and POP Mode Detection

Product Features

  • Sensitive to Ku wavelength band recently approved for use in the United States
  • Detects 6 Radar signals, 4 Laser signals and 2 Safety systems
  • Eliminates false alerts with Cobra’s exclusive IntelliMute feature
  • Includes 8-point electronic compass
  • Shuts down automatically when ignition is turned off

Editorial Review

Whether you commute to work or school on the freeway, drive for a living, or just like to go on an occasional recreational trip, the Cobra XRS-9730 Radar/Laser Detector is an invaluable addition to your motor vehicle. Designed for the convenience of 24-hour use, the XRS-9730 has a bright, easy-to-read DigiView data display that can be dimmed for nighttime driving. Measuring 4.88 x 3.01 x 1.44 inches and weighing just 6.74 ounces, the XRS-9730 can be set just about anywhere within easy view when you’re driving, and then stored in your glove compartment when you’re parked.

The XRS-9730 detects six different radar signals, including the Ku wavelength band that is widely used in Europe and that has been recently approved for use in the United States. In addition, the XRS-9730 is completely invisible to the VG-2 and Spectre radar detector detectors while it alerts you if either the VG-2 or the Spectre is in use in your area.

The XRS-9730 is also sensitive to four different laser signals, and with its LaserEye feature giving you a 360-degree detection range, you’ll always be able to tell if you’re driving through a surveillance area. And perhaps most importantly, for your own safety and the safety of other drivers sharing the road with you, the XRS-9730 detects two emergency alert systems to give you advance warning of road hazards, keeping you prepared when emergency vehicles are nearby. In addition to detecting the Safety alert system, the XRS-9730, like most of Cobra’s Radar/Laser detectors, offers Cobra’s exclusive feature of detecting the presence of the Strobe alert system, which emergency crews use to control traffic signals.

Other features include a voice alert, a power-saving automatic shutdown when you turn your ignition off, and an easy-to-program menu. So get the Cobra XRS-9730 Radar/Laser Detector for your car or truck, and you’ll be prepared for just about anything when you’re behind the wheel.

Note: Radar detectors can be used without restriction in well over 40 states, but restrictions apply in a few states. Please check with your state department of motor vehicles or highway patrol if you have questions about whether there are restrictions in your area.

What’s in the Box
XRS 9730 radar/laser detector, windshield bracket, coiled power cord, hook and loop fasteners, and owner’s manual.

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