Escort Passport SRX Radar Detector

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Escort Passport SRX Radar Detector
Price: $489.00   

Product Description

The new Passport SRX provides supercharged performance on all radar bands, including X, K, and SuperWide Ka bands. Utilizing technology from our award-winning Passport 8500, this new custom-installed remote detector provides the ultimate in discreet protection. New programmable laser transceivers (2 front, 1 rear) provide maximum protection against laser targeting. Using multiple laser diodes (6 front, 3 rear), these remarkable sensors provide early warning, and return a “shifted” laser signal – laser protection that is Performance Certified by Speed Measurement Labs as 94% effective.

Product Features

  • Comes Fully Equipped: Passport SRX comes complete with a comprehensive owner’s manual, installation instructions, front mounted radar receiver, front and rear laser tranceivers, in-car display controller, remote mute button, 12-volt interface with modular connections, complete wiring harnesses, and mounting hardware.
  • Multiple high-performance laser sensors
  • Completely immune to the VG-2 “detector-detector”
  • Laser Shifting Technology
  • 3 Year Non-Transferable Limited Warranty
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