Check Engine Light On? CarMD May Have Your Answer

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Adopted as a government mandate to lower emissions, the “Check Engine” light comes on when a vehicle’s computer detects a problem that impacts emissions output.

All 1996 and newer cars, light trucks, SUVs and minivans manufactured for use in the U.S. have this technology. It can signify anything from a loose gas cap to a major car repair expense. You can diagnose the problem yourself and more importantly with CarMD, You can receive an estimation of the cost to fix it. There is no doubt that access to this information can save you time and money, especially when reviewing your mechanic’s repair estimate.

Most mechanics charge $55-$100 to run a diagnostic on your car when a “Check Engine” light comes on. With CarMD, you can use the same basic technology to diagnose the health of your car at home, and print out an easy-to-understand PC report detailing the severity of the problem and how much it should fairly cost to fix it.

The power of the CarMD handheld tester

You can use the tester to monitor and maintain the health of your 1996 and newer car, light truck, minivan and/or SUV for the life of your vehicle.

The red, yellow and green indicator lights help you instantly diagnose the health of your, your family’s, even your neighbor’s vehicles. For example, CarMD can help you to:

Examine a used car before buying
The green, yellow and red lights on the CarMD tester can tell you if the used car you’re considering is jewel, a possible lemon, or a big red flag.
Give your vehicle a clean bill of health before road trips
Again, watch the lights. Green = go, Yellow = proceed with caution, Red = consult your mechanic.
Pre-”smog” test your car
Yellow or red lights mean you may not pass a state emissions test. Be sure to consult your mechanic.

The combined power of the handheld tester and

By combining the tester and website, CarMD can provide you with more specific information about what’s ailing your vehicle. Each tester you purchase lets you register up to 3 vehicles and run up to 6 diagnostic reports a month. These reports empower you to:

Know why your vehicle’s “Check Engine” light is on
The handheld tester can read your vehicle’s computer and upload that information to your PC via the CarMD website, allowing you to diagnose your vehicle’s health quickly and easily. A green light means you’re good to go. Yellow light or red light? You can run a diagnostic report to find out what’s ailing your vehicle, likely repairs and estimated repair costs. To view a sample report click on What Do I Get.
Get a second opinion on your mechanic’s report
Take your diagnostic report to your mechanic to help ensure they have located the source of your car’s pain and are planning to send you a fair bill.

These are just a few of the many uses for CarMD. Click to learn more about What You Get with CarMD

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