Useful network apps for your iPhone

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One of the greatest inventions of today’s tech world is the iPhone OS. It is the operating system that your nifty iPhone or iPod touch runs on. Based on the same kernel found on the Mac OS X it is capable of supporting bundled and future applications from Apple as well as third party software developers. Being a *NIX based system, it is capable of running your favorite network apps and utilities. Besides iTunes additional packages could be installed via Installer or Cydia. In addition, there is a linux utility written in Python called iDebMaker which could assist in an easy creation of Debian (.deb) packages for use with your iPhone/iPhone Touch.
I would like to share some of my favorite ones, which help me on a daily basis at home and work:


Available through Cydia – Free

Mobile Terminal is a terminal emulator for the iPhone. It is a must have for anyone requiring a sysadmin feel of the iPhone. It supports Backspace, One-Finger Swipe, Single Keyboard, Config Screen, Ctrl-C and more.


Available through Cydia – Free
With Nmap you can analyze and scan remote networks, along with your current WLAN. It is run from the terminal as root.


Available through AppStore – Free
Stumbler Plus is a very useful information that allows you to scan wifi networks and gather information such us MAC address, longtitude and latitude of the accesspoint, accesspoint manufacturer and more.
Network Ping Lite
Available through AppStore – Free
Network Ping Lite will help you in maintaining and debugging network problems on a LAN. It features:

  • Single IP ping
  • Ping a subnet
  • Traceroute
  • Telnet console
  • Display the iPhone IP

More functional version is available for $3.99.


Available through Cydia – Free
This is the best solution of using your iPhone as a modem. It requires SOCKS connection and despite the unsafe connection between your Mac and the iPhone your data is safe and encrypted by SSH. This will allow you to use 3G network when WiFi is unavailable.


Available through Cydia – Free
Serial communication software for your iPhone.


Available through Cydia – Free
OpenSSH allows you to login securely from and to your iPhone. This is a must have if you need to access your servers or desktop remotely. It works great over 3G, Edge and WiFi. Windows users may access the iPhone through Putty or WinSCP. Both available for free.

Remote Desktop (lite)

Available through AppStore – Free (paid version available as well)
rdesktop is the open source client for Windows Terminal Services. It works with XP, but does not support Vista yet.


Available through Cydia – Free
This is a simple SOCKS 4/5 proxy server. It is run from the terminal as root.


Available through Cydia – Free
Simple HTTP file transfer client. Run from terminal and get any file available on the network or internet.

Available through AppStore – Free – Requires 2.1
SubnetIT is a very useful app for the network administrator. You specify a network address and subnet mask it will calculate Network address, Broadcast address, First and Last host in the subnet and max number of hosts. Displayed in decimal, hexadecimal, and binary notation.