VW Bik.e – Electric bicycle instead of a spare tire?

May 12, 2010 by  
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Think of it as the spare tire in your new VW. Yet, you can’t ride your spare tire in case your car runs down. This is when you can pull out the Bik.e and get on your “green” way…

Volkswagen has introduced the Bik.e at Auto China 2010. This is a great and very cool looking device. Looks like a small bike without pedals. It’s nifty design allows it to fold down into a flat disc which fits perfectly into the spare compartment in the bottom of most trunks.

Even though it most likely will not come standard with your new VW commercial plans have been revealed.

The Bik.e is not meant for long distances and rather as a supplement to your car. It’s top speed officially is 20 km/h (12.5 miles per hour) though spectators say the version at the show was going much faster.

The Bik.e could use the car’s DC current or regular AC.